About JJ Knight

JJ Knight author with her trainer
JJ Knight with her trainer

JJ Knight started writing books in 2014. She accidentally stumbled into a secret class for MMA fighters at her gym, and they let her work out with them! The hilarious shenanigans between her and the fighters became a sensation on her Facebook page, so she began writing MMA romances, including Uncaged Love, Fight for Her, and Reckless Attraction. Her secret pen name was not connected with her real name, so her fighter friends didn’t know what she was up to.

She came clean in late 2014 and even did a photo shoot with her trainer! She also used one of her fighter friends on the cover of Fight for Her because she was always mesmerized by those tattoos. This series hit the USA Today bestseller list.

Boxed set of Fight for Her series

In 2017, she attempted her first romantic comedy about a billionaire who gets a secret baby left on his doorstep, and Single Dad on Top was an instant hit. She never thought she was funny, but she quickly whipped up a sequel, and suddenly JJ Knight was into comedies.

In 2020, right before the start of the pandemic, she was laughing at a party about all the euphemisms about male anatomy, and when someone said, “pickle,” an entire series of books set in delicatessens came to her in a flash. These books have become her all-time bestsellers, known affectionately to readers as the “Pickleverse.” There’s even the Great Pickle Patreon where fans can get monthly Picklegrams!

In 2023, JJ expanded her rom com universe with the Wedding Meet Cute series, published by Montlake. Each of these books begins with a wedding disaster of epic proportions, and the fun keeps rolling from there.

You may contact JJ Knight directly at jj –at– jjknight –dot– com. For inquiries about sub rights or translations, contact her agent, Jess Regel of Helm Lit.