Juicy Pickle

Can you imagine getting stuck alone on a deserted island with the person you hate most in the world? And no end in sight?

Well, that’s me. Bailey Johansson, former assistant to the absolute worst boss ever to boss in the boss world. Stranded on a tiny island owned by a cruise line in an abandoned party hut.

In a tropical storm.

This is not a love story.
It’s not a tale of redemption or heroism.

It’s a revenge drama. No — a revenge COMEDY.

Because I’ll get the last laugh. The cruise ship leaving early due to an approaching storm while we yelled at each other on the opposite beach was a SIGN.

I’m going to get that man back for everything he did to me. I’ve decided that Mr. Juicy, as my old coworkers called him (yeah, THAT’S a story), is going to rue the day he ever fired me.

And no, I’m not going to fall in love with him.
Not on your life.


Juicy Pickle is the wildest not-love story that ever became a love story between a boss and his former assistant, stuck together on a private island with a manual-crank margarita machine and a ten-gallon bucket of pickles, surviving primarily on adrenaline and stress-banging.

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