I love a keepsake book.

I have one book I love above all others. Summer of the Swans by Betsy Byars. My signed hardcover is one of my most prized possessions. Yes, I already had it in paperback. Yes, I’ve read it every summer of my life since I was about 9 years old.

But I wanted a perfect copy. One to treasure.

And now I want to do that for my Pickleverse.

Meet The Pickle Brothers Luxe Hardcover Omnibus. It’s fancy. It has a dust jacket and a different full-color cover underneath. It’s 800 pages. And it has COLOR pages inside.

Pickle omnibus

I’m so pickled!

This three-book collector’s edition includes Big Pickle, Hot Pickle, and Spicy Pickle — the originals!

The dust jacket is a scene from Spicy Pickle where Anthony proposes to Magnolia on the cooking show. I asked fans to pick their favorite moments from the entire Pickleverse so the illustrator could put those items on the shelves in the image. Can you pick them out? The Dill Dough? The cactus? The donkey!!!!

Dust jacket

Beneath the dust jacket, there’s a hardcover in full color. The front has Jason and Nova from Big Pickle, when she’s teaching him how to cut pickles. Aren’t they adorable?

Case cover

And on the back is Camryn and Max from Hot Pickle right after Camryn’s brother punches Max in the face right before his big competition!

I’m in love with these!

Did I mention that there are 140 color pages? Each book in the omnibus begins with the original ebook cover in color. Plus every chapter start has a lovely picklish illustration!

If you don’t want the big honker keepsake book, I’m also offering those images on paperbacks! (These have black and white interiors, though.)

three paperbacks


I’m doing what’s called a Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a platform where you collect orders for something to see if enough people are interested in it before you commit to creating it. Readers (like you!) pledge to buy the book if it becomes a real thing, and if it does, then it happens!

I really hope we can make this happen!

There are lots of fun add ons, like the big Book Box with the Pickle cat and the mug and the I’m done dillin’ with you blanket. And stickers! And bookmarks! And if there’s ANY signed paperbacks you’ve missed, you can add those on, too.


I’m in the pre-launch phase, so you can head to my teaser page and click “Notify me on launch.” This will prompt you to set up an account so you will get an email when it’s time to say you want one!

The project will only be open for 17 days, so don’t miss your chance!

Please feel free to email me if you have questions! I’ve opened comments below and you can leave your email address. (Only I can see the address.)

I’m so excited!!! This is my excited face!!!!

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