What if you never had to wait for the next JJ Knight book to come out?

Neverending Pickleverse

The Neverending Pickleverse is a place where readers get all my funny, romantic, smexy content as soon as it flies out of my fingers. Not only that, you’re reading with all the Pickle superfans, and you get to talk about the episodes and laugh together (and curse together) as the story goes along.

  • New episodes come out every week, just like your favorite TV show.

  • Each finished book goes to your Kindle, ereader, or phone before they go up for sale for anybody else.

  • Only you get to see JJ’s blunders, deleted scenes, and bonus content (hello, weddings!)

  • Choose your heat level. The extra-hot scenes go up separately, so you can skip them (or click only on those!)

  • Opt into getting swag, signed paperbacks, or even the outrageous book boxes!


Wear Your Pickle love!

Every member at all levels will receive a charm bracelet! 

A new charm will arrive on every anniversary.

Pickle charm bracelet